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If any of your contact information that Seabrook has on file has recently changed, please fill out this form. This new form is going to streamline the process of keeping homeowner preferred contact information up to date. It includes whether or not you participate in the Vacation Rentals Program. Thanks so much. The contact information Seabrook has on file is not public.

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Information about the Seabrook Homeowners Advisors for Preservation and Enhancement (SHAPE):
SHAPE purpose and list of members,
Previous meeting minutes and other SHAPE documents,
A complete list of all common areas with pictures
A form to submit requests to the SHAPE
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Links to other websites common to Seabrook homeowners

List of local utilities and available services with contact information

Important information regarding CC&Rs and Architectural Regulations

Seabrook Design Review Board Information

SHAPE Meetings Dates and Homeowners Events

Fall Preparation Suggestions

With the changing of the seasons and cooler temps right around the corner, now is a great time to prepare your home for the fall and winter months. 

Drain Garden Hose/Sprinkler System
Colder months can do a number on hoses and sprinkler systems if water freezes in them. Now's a great time to drain and store garden hoses. If your area is prone to freezing temps, drain any exterior pipes and install insulating covers on outdoor spigots.

Clean Gutters
Gutters can get full very quickly with leaves and other tree debris; they can also cause major issues if they freeze while full. Take the time to check your home's gutters and downspouts. Once all the leaves have fallen, clean the gutters out to avoid drainage issues in the winter months.

Check Windows and Doors for Leaks

Ensuring your home is energy efficient is important for any homeowner. Whether it's holding in the AC, or holding in the heat, now is the time to ensure your windows and doors are leak free. Re-caulk windows and exterior door trim, and install new weather stripping, door seals, or draft stoppers to your exterior doors to ensure your home remains nice and comfy.

The changing of the seasons is always a great time to go over home tasks and compile a list of anything that may need fixing or replacing in the future. Whether you're preparing your home's exterior or interior, tasks and maintenance are always guaranteed when it comes to homeownership. If you are intrested in signing up for preventative maintenance programs use this link to see how Maintenance and Repairs and Renovations can assist you.

Fall Preventative Maintenance

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